The easiest way for users to transact in your app

Onramp users with credit card & cross-chain crypto payments — and generate revenue for each user transaction.

Embed component

Inline component that allows users to buy any currency.
Customize theme, currency, amounts, payment methods and more.

import { PayEmbed } from "thirdweb/react";

function App() {
  return <PayEmbed client={client} />;

Transaction Button

Transaction Button is a handy component that handles transactions.
If your user doesn't have enough funds for that transaction, a pre-filled pay modal will appear with the exact amount needed.

import { claimTo } from "thirdweb/extensions/erc1155";
import {
} from "thirdweb/react";

function App() {
  const account = useActiveAccount();

  return (
      transaction={() => {
        // any transaction works
        return claimTo({
          quantity: 1n,
          tokenId: 0n,
          to: account.address,
      Buy for 10 MATIC